Making the Most Out of Your Loft Conversion

Many people think that organising a loft conversion is the most difficult part of the process, but it usually isn’t, and the biggest challenge when expanding your loft is almost always working out just what exactly you’re going to use it for. While some people can have big ideas for what they are going to use if for, such as an extra bedroom, a relaxing space, or a playroom for the kids, many other people are unsure of how to use the extra space they have created.

This may sound like an odd dilemma, because if you’re going to the trouble of converting your loft into a living space, you should have an idea of what it is going to be used for. However, homeowners can often have more than one idea of what to do with this new space, or room, and the thought of committing to just one use for this room can seem daunting to anyone who undertakes a loft conversion. But when it comes to new additions to a property, such as a loft conversion or an extension, the trick is to keep an open mind when thinking what the room will be used for.

If you want it to be an extra bedroom for visitors, it’s worth looking into adding an ensuite bathroom, complete with a toilet and shower to your plans, as it will be a very useful addition to anyone staying in your loft conversion, especially if they become a long term visitor, or tenant. Also, if you ever want to sell your property, having a loft conversion with an ensuite will really make your home attractive and stand out amongst all the other new homes buyers will be viewing.

If you want to make the conversion into something other than a bedroom, such as a playroom or a study, you can be very adventurous when it comes to the design, layout and features in your loft conversion. If it’s going to be a general room for every member of the family, consider adding storage space, such as built-in cupboards, shelving, and of course, an electricity supply, as the loft is a good place for playing computer games, as it frees up the living room for others. It also guarantees that the noise created by the computer games, TV, DVDs and general sound of kids at play will be considerably quieter, and of course, much less irritating to you.

Once you’ve sorted out an electricity supply, storage space, and toilet facilities if applicable, it’s time to think about the décor or look of the conversion. What colour schemes do you want to choose, do you want to have laminate flooring or carpet?

A loft conversion is a great addition to any property, but the task of designing and adding one to your home is one that must be researched and planned in order to be successfully realised.


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