Loft Conversion Costs

The cost of building a loft conversion isn’t to be sniffed at. Loft conversion costs are extremely high but one thing you can be confident of is that you will see that money again in the future, and the rest.

Recent studies have shown that adding a loft conversion to your home will add at least the cost onto the value of the property, and if you add a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom then you can increase the value by up to 20%. Not bad when you compare it to the costs of moving house which you will never see again.

The raw price of a loft conversion varies depending on what part of the UK your are in. In London you will be looking at near to £50,000 but fortunately for us folks up north the UK average cost for a loft conversion is nearer to £25,000. This is all dependent of course on the type of loft conversion, who does the work and how good a job you want doing.

Employing a specialist loft conversion company will add considerable cost to the project, whereas if you decde to do some of the work yourself you’ll make some serious savings but with it will come much more drama and decision making.

The type of loft coversion you go for is crucial to the cost. If you’re looking for some basic storage space it can be done in a couple of days for a few thousand pounds at most. However, for a full job from a specialist loft conversion company you’ll be looking at more like £15,000 to £30,000.

Below is a quick guide to the costs for different types of loft conversions:

Storage loft conversion with flooring, lighting and loft ladder: Around £1000

Small loft conversion: £15,000

Medium loft conversion: Around £20,000

Large loft conversion: Around £23,000

If you’re looking to save costs you can of course take the option of getting a DIY loft conversion which will cost around £5,000, though this will vary depending on how much you choose to carry out yourself and how much work you want from the professionals.


Whichever option you choose, as long as you ensure that you follow the guidelines and regulations to the letter and invest in a respectable loft conversion company then you will come out with a loft conversion that is perfect for you to enjoy in North Yorkshire.

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