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Our team is made up of industry professionals with many years of experience. From initial plans to the final product, we can offer expert advice on your loft conversion project to ensure the process is problem-free.

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We believe in always working to the best of our abilities, with no compromises on quality. Our tools, techniques and materials are always of an exceptionally high standard, and we won’t ever settle for anything less.

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We want to keep things simple for you, to ensure you understand what is happening at every step of the conversion process. Our projects are expertly planned to remain on time and on budget, so you won’t be met with any unexpected surprises.

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Loft conversions are a fantastic way of adding some extra space and value to your home and are fast becoming the preferred option for families who need more space as the family grows but don’t want to throw their money away on estate agent fees, stamp duty or legal fees. A loft conversion is a great way to use that money in a longer term investment when you actually have the chance to see some return on that investment rather than it just lining the pockets of a solicitor.

This is particularly the case in North Yorkshire, the biggest county in the UK where many homes have the opportunity to expand without having to rely on moving to find more space. A loft conversion makes more sense in North Yorkshire than anywhere and this is evident in the numbers of people who are deciding that it is the right choice.

All over Yorkshire, loft conversions are being built every day and people are enjoying extra space in their home without having the strains of moving somewhere new or seeing their money disappear into a black hole. Property prices in Yorkshire and the UK continue to rise and a fantastic way to capitalise on this is by adding a loft conversion. That’s what we think at North Yorkshire Loft Conversions anyway, and we aim to give you all the information you need that will leave you with the same conclusion.

Loft Conversions in Yorkshire

Why Get a Loft Conversion

In the past it was a simple decision when you needed more space. You had either started earning more money and could afford somewhere bigger and better or your family was growing in size and you were in need of a bit more room to accomodate for the patter of extra feet. The obvious choice was to move house to a bigger better home. Not any more.

Moving house has become an increasingly expensive affair, not only in raw cost but also in fees and extra payments that all start to add up. According to a study in 2006 the average cost of moving home
was around £12,500, after paying for surveys, legal fees, estate agents commission, removals and stamp duty. And that’s just the start.

This doesn’t even take into account the recent hike in house prices or the obvious cost of moving into a bigger, better place which often falls in and around the £30,000 mark. Sheesh. So what about a loft conversion I hear you scream.

Loft conversions are a fantastic way to add substantial value to your current property as well as making use of space that usually goes to waste. If you approach your loft conversion in the right way then it can certainly be a superb investment as well as an exciting project for you and your family.

In terms of value a loft conversion is a great investment if carried out correctly. Recent studies have suggested that loft conversions add four times the value of a new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Its value is all too apparent in the responses of estate agents when asked what they would do to add value to a property. No surprises here, a loft conversion came out on top. Whilst they are obviously a big expense, it is clear that in the long term, as long as your loft conversion is carried out in the right way you can reap the financial benefits. In the short term you can enjoy the extra space it provides and then when (and if) you’re ready to move on to an even bigger place you can guarantee that you’ll be asking for a substantially higher fee than pre loft conversion.

Sounds like a no brainer eh?

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